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These combat gauges are perfect for a quick spot check of measurements and distances. We currently have one standard design with more unique designs in development! 


The gauges are all 1/8" (3mm) thick to allow easy handling while not being to bulky to fit within narrow confines on the tabletop.

Combat Gauge - 9"


The Solid Acrylic colors use the following Acrylic industry codes for further information:

Black- 2025
White- Code Not Available
Dark Blue- 2050
Light Blue- 2648
Green- 2108
Purple- 2287
Orange- 2119
Red- 2157
Yellow- 2037

The transparent acrylic gauges use the following standard acrylic industry codes:

Black- 2064
Clear/White- Code Not Available
Dark Blue- 2424
Light Blue- 2069
Green- 2092
Purple- Code Not Available
Orange- 2422
Red- 2423
Yellow- 2208