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Get to Know Us

We are Randy and Cody, a father and son combo, that have taken our passion for hobbying and turned it into something we can work together on. We have long enjoyed the classic board games as a way to connect with our family in today's fast paced world. Slowing down and painting our miniatures, talking about the next big release, or just simple ideas of our next "unstoppable army" has been a great way for us to enjoy time together. Now we want to help make it possible for everyone to have the cool trinkets and items we like for ourselves! We hope that we are able to help get your ideas on your table and thank you for visiting our page!

Parallel Lines

Meet Randy

Randy is a veteran of the United States Navy, new wargamer, and fun-loving Grandpa. He prefers his army to "Run with the Wolves," but in space... if you catch our drift.

My name is Cody

Cody is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, new wargamer, and an avid lore reader. Whether its leading an army of "Secretive Knights" or commanding Legions, he enjoys the whole process from paint to play.

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