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25% DISCOUNT value in this bundle!

Get your company geared with the Primal Hounds range from GreyTide Studios! This RECRUIT pack includes 31 bits and has tons of options to get your chapter ready for the table top! Check the listing photos for a complete list of bits you will receive. Due to the large number of bits in this set, we are unable to provide personalization options beyond your weapon selections. Be sure to select your "Weapon Loadout" or the default will be Loadout 1!

Printed in high quality resin at 0.025mm layer height. This item will come with supports that require cleaning prior to painting.

Model design by GreyTide Studios. HOG3D are approved merchants for this designer and fully licensed to manufacture and sell prints.

All items are printed and posted within 10 working days of order. 

This shop is in no way related to Games Workshop Intellectual property, Trademark, or Copyright and is purely independent 3D art and distributed with permission from those independent 3D artists. This is not a Games Workshop model, and no challenge to Games Workshop Trademarks or Copyrights is intended.

Item of the Month - Primal Hounds - Recruit Upgrade Kit - Grey Tide Studios