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Tired of having to measure straight lines and leave your dice out there while just setting up your board? Well let us help out with these Deployment Zone Markers! This pack contains several 1/8" (3mm) thick acrylic guides of varying size to get your game started quicker.


Includes the following breakdown of sizes:

6 - 3" guides

4 - 6" guides

3 - 9" guides

Deployment Zone Markers


The Solid Acrylic colors use the following Acrylic industry codes for further information:

Black- 2025
White- Code Not Available
Dark Blue- 2050
Light Blue- 2648
Green- 2108
Purple- 2287
Orange- 2119
Red- 2157
Yellow- 2037

The transparent acrylic gauges use the following standard acrylic industry codes:

Black- 2064
Clear/White- Code Not Available
Dark Blue- 2424
Light Blue- 2069
Green- 2092
Purple- Code Not Available
Orange- 2422
Red- 2423
Yellow- 2208